Here is what to expect my setup to look like.


Being a Pittsburgh Wedding DJ for over 19 years and having the chance to be a part of hundreds of weddings, we have learned that the worst thing we can do to our client is to have an unprofessional looking setup in the backdrop of their photos. Besides who would want to see a bunch of wires hanging out all over the place or even wrapped 20 times around a skinny black speaker/lighting stand. So with that, we do everything we can to cover up our setup so you see nothing but a pristine setup in the background of any dance floor pictures. When you pay for a Professional Pittsburgh DJ why not get one who looks professional also.

Premium Wedding Package with Basic Light Package

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ Setup  

 Premium Wedding Package with Mid-Level Light Package

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ Setup

 Premium Wedding Video Dance Package with Mid-Level Light Package

 Premium Audio Mixer and Classic Turntables


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